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I write and perform filk, the folk music of science fiction and fantasy fans. For more about filk, see this description here.

News: I am doing FAWM this year

FAWM stands for "February Album Writing Month" and is a community of songwriters who challenge themselves to write 14 songs in 28 days.We put up lyrics and mp3s as we complete new songs, and there are options for seeing new songs as they are posted, and for commenting on each other's songs. I am posting on the FAWM website as "calicocat" if you would like to follow along, though all my FAWM songs will also appear in my songbook here.

Listen: my songbook/mp3s

A friend of mine asked me to put up new songs so she would have something new to work on for her voice lessons. That was the beginning of the Alice Day recordings--once every couple of weeks I would put up a new song for her. These recordings are very informal--made in the living room in a single pass. I wasn't aiming for perfection, just good enough to learn a song from. These recordings are linked to the lyric pages (right under the title/songwriter info) in my online songbook, whose index page is here. I write much faster than I record so many of these songs are not yet available on an actual studio album.

Also I have a new album out at Bandcamp, Dr. Faber's Medicine Show. It has more polished arrangements and performances of many of the mp3s here, and you can stream the music for free to see if you like it enough to buy. My previous album The King's Lute is also available there, as are albums from my years with Echo's Children (music in a very similar style to what I do now.)


I expect to attend:

I am interested in science fiction conventions within driving distance of Knoxville Tennessee (I can't afford to fly much.) If you know of a great one, let me know!