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Yellow Truck Song
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2011

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 G                        C
Every spring I see them, parked around the fair,
 D                       G
Yellow as the daffodils blooming in the square.
    G                      C
In summer on the highway, driving in a pack,
      D                            G        D       G
With darker yellow patches on the sides and on the back.

    C                           G
   Trucks that work for U-Haul haul until they fry.
    C                              D
   Trucks that work for Ryder are ridden till they die.
        G                           C 
   But Penskes run for four years; then they quit their work; 
         D                             G D G
   Yes, Penskes run away and join the circus!
    C            D               G D  G
   Penskes run away and join the cir―cus!

Every year they migrate, popping up in towns
Hauling swings and carousels, acrobats and clowns,
Props and masks and costumes, candy sweet and strange--
After being moving vans, it sure must be a change.

Once I drove a Penske, pulling quite a load;
Yes, I still remember the trials of the road.
Now I feel a kinship with every Penske there--
God night, good luck, and in a year I'll see you at the fair!