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Wise Hands
lyrics by Cat Faber 2011
melody by Peter Alway 2011

mp3 and pdf sheet music

 Em     Am       Em     Am
Partly wood and mostly care
 Em        Am       Dm         G
Boats must ever be tight, and fair--
  Em       Am          Em        Am
Staunch to answer the storm's demands.
     Em           Am      Dm     Em         E
The crew's first guardian ever stands--wise hands!

        A                     D              E
   The captain intrepid, the crew that will dare
          A                     E
   Shall heed the adventurer's call
        A                             D           E
   The boat-builder's craftsmanship, born of her care
      A                     E
   Unseen, is a partner in all.
      F          C         F           C
   Beyond the horizon new worlds to explore--
        F             C            G
   New winds and new currents run free;
        F            C           F       C
   The skill of the builder runs ever before
        F            C            G           D        A
   The root and the heart of the tree, shall sail the sea.

Every plank must be true of grain
Fitted tightly with saw and plane
To brace the hull I will sand and shave
Decks and gunwales to help her brave--the wave

Run the rigging and step the mast;
Stays in tension will hold it fast.
Shape the rudder a course to hold;
Bright at morning the sails dawn gold—unfold!