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The Wyverary
(A Through L)
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

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    Dm                         Gm 
My mother was a wyvern and my father was a library 
    Dm                             Am
And in his halls and carrels I discovered home indeed
    Dm                                Gm 
My wings were not my own to use, but father said a scholar 
         Dm                             A7               Dm
Finds a truer freedom elsewhere and he taught me how to read.
    Dm                               Gm
My father said a dilettante knows a just bit of everything 
     Dm                                  Am
But some folks choose to specialize; do one thing very well;
     Dm                     Gm
The whole encyclopedia was more than I could manage 
      Dm                           A7               Dm
So I memorized a section and they call me A through L.

   Dm                 Bb
   I am a wyverary, crimson-scaled and big and scary
    Dm              F                 C                  Am A
   Where I flex my talons, there the sod will split and curl
   Dm               Bb
   I am a wyverary, I'm completely ordinary
    Dm                F          C     F      Dm
   You are quite extraordinary, little human girl

My mother being widowed by a false marauding realtor,
My sibs and I decided we must go our separate ways.
M through S a governess and T through Z a soldier 
But in me the love of knowledge is an unrelenting blaze.
Books have been the treasure I was hatched to hold and cherish
I love to read their pages, see them ranked upon the shelf.
In the city Pandemonium, my grandfather is waiting
The Municipal Great Library of Fairyland Itself.

I hope he will accept me and will love me as a grandson
And will teach me to become a real librarian some day;
Since you and I must journey to a common destination,
I suggest we band together for protection on the way.
I've never seen a human; I supposed you would be bigger
But human starts with H so I have read about you.  We've
Been frightened by the stories of your wild ungoverned hearts,
But one must be a little frightening to be splendid, I believe.