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That Kind Of Mouse
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

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            Am                         Dm
I'm just a poor working mouse, taking life as it comes
 C       F      Am                   G
Glad to find a peanut or a pile of crumbs
        Am                     Dm
When a beautiful smell, in my nose made a fuss
         F       G     Am               C         Am
Which I followed to a package half the size of a bus!

    C               F                C            C  G
   Really, I'm not hungry; help yourself; on the house.
    Am             Dm                C            Am
   Honestly, it's nothing; I'm just that kind of mouse.

The label was large; even I understood
It said Hershey Bar With Almonds, okay, almonds are good;
So I gnawed it right open—the brown stuff was prime!
So delicious even almonds were a waste of my time.

Life is short, and it's hungry; it ends with a snap!
So I gnawed around the almonds, for the last lovely scrap.
I'll remember forever, that beautiful score--
I never had a chance at indigestion before

What would any mouse do, if such a thing came their way?
I ate twice my own bodyweight in chocolate that day.
Then I staggered back home, gave my neighbors a call;
Folks? I found a bunch of almonds.  You can ha-ve them.  All.