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Thank The Unions
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

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        D                            G 
   I'd like to thank the Unions for giving us the weekend
          A                              D
   'Cause I don't know how you feel, but I'm enjoying mine!
      D                             G
   Remember that you have them, as long as you can keep them
      A                 A7             G        A       D
   I hate to break the news, but corporations aren't benign.

     D                            G
I'd like to thank the unions for safety regulations,
   G              D          D              A
It used to be so common, to maim a working slob.
     D                               G
Now children keep their fingers and worker's compensation
 G                 D             A7              D
Pays to treat the people who are injured on the job.

I'd like to thank the unions for forty hour workweeks
I'd like to thank the unions for breaks to eat and pee.
I know a little history, and you should know it also:
People fought and died to get these simple things for me.

I'd like to thank the unions for sick days and vacation
We use to just recover or even rest and play
There was a time when unions were mighty in the nation
And that's why we're enjoying a holiday today.

If you enjoy your weekend, and work for decent wages
Stand up and thank the unions that got these things for you
And if you have a job that doesn't offer you these features
Perhaps you should be looking into unionizing too!