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lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2011

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Note the /G is the last beat of the preceeding measure and the /C /Em/Am are on beats 1, 2 and 3 of that measure.

 /G    D        /G   D        C          D
Sweet Swanmay, your notice I courted at length
   G              D           C             D
I asked, and was given, your sweetness and strength;
     C            G            C              D
Why thrust in my arms, in the first light of dawn
 /G   D        /G    D             G           D
Your shirt of white feathers that makes you a swan?

      C                         G
   Forever can never be given away;
         C          G          Em        D
   It's chosen and re-chosen, day after day,
       C                      G           D
   As footstep by footstep a mountain we climb--
       C         G         Em       D
   We walk to forever one day at a time--
       C         G         C /Em/Am  G  G4  G  G4
   We walk to forever one day at a  time.

To lock up your choices and give me the key
Makes a prisoner of you, and a captor of me.
The caged bird could never my whole heart command--
Like the wild bird that chooses to come to my hand.

Wherever you go, my heart follows your charms,
So here is your feather-shirt, set in your arms.
For truly, what love would ask more than do I?
A sweetheart who's mistress of water, and sky!

(first four lines of last chorus, then)
    C       G           C         C
We walk to forever, we swim to forever, 
      C        G         C /Em/Am G
--we fly to forever one day at a time!