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Song Of The Makers
Lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

mp3(a-capella) and pdf sheet music

         Dm                  Am I have tasted the apple of knowledge         Dm                          Am I have gnawed it right down to the core          Dm           F             Am          C And the seeds that I save, you may plant on my grave          F                   E Because all I am craving is more! (MORE!)        F          C           Am To discover, construct and explore.             Dm                     Am    Give me lever and fulcrum, the wedge and the wheel,             Dm                      Am    Give me fire, the gear, and the screw,             Dm                  Am          G    Give me iron and copper and good honest brass        Am            Dm           E    And I'll give my best back to you       C           G             Am    Expanding the things you can do. And now I am barred from the Garden But the child who can walk doesn't crawl I will stand, I will run; when my shovel is done, I'll come tunneling under the wall. I will fly without fearing the fall. Knowledge has never come easy. Creation itself has a cost. Every offspring we gain, born of body or brain, May be blessing, or bane, or just lost; You won't know the line till you've crossed. You must pull yourself up by your bootstraps When your pedigree says you're a whelp. Climbing out of despair isn't easy, or fair, And no purebred will care how you yelp, But a good block and tackle can help. In leather or velvet or silver or oak, In circuits or rhythm and tone As we dream and we make for creation's sweet sake So the apple we take for our own. Maker, you aren't alone!