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lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

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  Am                        Dm           Am
Emotions are catching; I'm sad when you cry; 
        Dm                       C        G
You're cheered by the joy in a sparkling eye--
 Am       Dm            C        F
Sympathy sways us like music so clear,
      Dm        C             Am
That four in a hundred can't hear...

So they no more can share in your pain or your glee,
Than a deaf child can hear or a blind child can see;
Human their seeming, their speaking, their stride--
But they're not really human inside.

       Am         G                                Am
   Our ancestors thought that some folk you might meet
        Am          G       Dm          Am
   Seem human, but only by glamour's deceit,
       Dm        F            C            G
   And even the best who fell under their sway,
            Am           G            Am   
   Came to grief at the hands of the Fae.

Some seek sensation, wherever it leads,
They don't give a damn who is ruined, who bleeds,
And when they're discovered, the wreckage laid bare,
They plead for your pity and care.

To them trapping the moral in nets of deceit
Making of conscience a snare for your feet
Tormenting the weak, or destroying the strong
Is a game, with no right, and no wrong.

Like the Fae, some are monsters who murder for years,
While some are more subtle, but live to drink tears,
And some think a meal ticket simply their due,
And are happy to batten on you.

The Fae can be seen through a hole in a stone
And by these three signs is a sociopath known:
Duty neglected, however it cries--
Promises broken, and lies.