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lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2011

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   G            D            C             G
I hope, when I die, that my worth will be clear,
      G            D            C           D
That life will be different, because I was here.
   Em             C          Em           F
I hope that some measure of knowledge or grace
   C                G           D            C
I brought, will outlive me, my track and my trace.

     G            D      C        G
  I don’t want Infinity noticing me;
    G       D           Em          D
  Eternity crowding my shoulder to see;
           G            D           C          G
  There’s quite enough pressure to triumph or fail,
         C         G         D       C (end on G)
  While living my life on a humbler scale.  

Four point five billion, the earth’s years unfold;
The sky that surrounds us is three times as old--
So it’s easy to see, and the answer is flat:
No one is going to matter to that.

A drop in the ocean; who cares if it thrives?
And yet in that drop may swim thousands of lives...
To measure your value, the scale will be true,
That measures the beings who matter to you.

The earth will not love me, and time will not spare;
The Sky won’t respect me, but what do I care?
One scale is the measure of merit and strife,
The scale of the humans I hold in my life.