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lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2011

mp3 and pdf sheet music
note that chords here go with melody but conflict with harmonies in some places

 Dm              C               Dm       C     Dm
Chiseled out by glaciers in the hands of long ago,
           Dm                Am              Dm              Am
Where the loons slide in to landing, in the sunset's molten glow,
         Dm               Am             F             C   Dm
She has called to me all winter, from beneath the ice and snow--
     Dm    C     Dm Bb Am       Dm    Am C  Dm
Quetico--                  Quetico

You may see the moose and marten as down to drink they steal,
Or the snapping turtle sulking seven feet beneath your keel,
And the Stellars Jays come jostling when the food bag you unstow--
Quetico--                  Quetico

By the molten gold of sunrise are the western treetops kissed,
While the lake is like a mirror in a shawl of shade and mist,
And my heart fills up with silence in the only prayer I know:
Quetico--                  Quetico

Dry and clean and empty, my canoe lies in her den.
When her hull is kissed by water, she will wake and live again,
When our exile's term is over, we will grab our gear and go--
Quetico---                 Quetico
Quetico---                 Quetico.