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Providence Skies
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2011

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         Dm                     F            Am
Through highsec and lowsec the warp engines sound
     Dm           C         F          Am
And through zero-zero, for Providence bound--
     F          Gm                 Dm
For Eve will forever be making it plain:
     Dm        Gm            C           Dm
You have to defend what you want to maintain.

           Dm                   F            C
   So it's X up for fleet, form up and clear comms
       Dm                         F          Am
   We need more repair ships, and ammo, and bombs,
         Dm          C            Gm           Am
   With fire in our bellies, and stars in our eyes,
          Dm         C                       Dm
   We'll scour the pirates from Providence skies!

In deep zero-zero, where trust often dies
Strangers fly safely in Providence skies;
But some would destroy that in hopes to recall 
The chaos incarnate of all against all.

Some people are parasites, taking their joy
In friendships they ruin and dreams they destroy
While some folks are builders, who hold in our hearts
A dream that is more than the sum of its parts!

Pirates are poison; no trip is too far
To hound them to death like the vermin they are!
But they are good for one thing―the way that they die
Like firework-flowers all over the sky!

          Dm             C                          Dm
   We'll hunt them like dogs till the last of them dies!