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Pepper Spray Pike
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2011

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 G             D            G         D
Humans aren't perfect; our nature forbids
       G           D                        C
We're toys of our terrors and dupes of our ids
    G             D           G            D
No humans aren't perfect, so say what you like
      G            D           C            G
We'll always have people like Pepper Spray Pike.

            G              D            G              D
  But they shouldn't have badges, they shouldn't have guns
        G            D                       C
  They don't need a taser that cripples and stuns
        G              D              C             D
  They shouldn't have pepper-spray.  Don't make me start--
        G            D            C          G (end w D)
  Just spare me the cop with the criminal's heart!

If you run a college, take warning from me
Your guards are the face that the nation will see
You can't keep the secret; we may look alone,
But a camera watches from every damn phone.

The rich have the justice their money can buy,
Plus thugs, to spray protesters right in the eye.
But if they go viral while breaking the strike,
They'll be hung out to dry, just like Pepper-Spray Pike!