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On Their Own
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

mp3 and pdf sheet music

         Em              G
    The roofer sets his hammer down 
        G        D     Em 
   And does his level best 
       Em                G 
   To catch the falling raptor chick 
        G       D      Bm 
   And tuck it in its nest. 
         Bm      D      Am          Em 
    They do the good beneath their hands 
       Em                D 
    Although they never see 
         Em               G       D 
    The power their good will commands 
        Em        D       Em 
    If they can, why not me? 

   The weaver hears a tiny cry 
   And lays aside her comb 
   To help the stranded kitten down 
   Or lead the puppy home. 
   They do their deeds and go their way, 
   Not knowing what they've sown; 
   They do not have a Destiny; 
   They do it on their own. 

   (last chorus ends with) 
        Em        D       C  D 
    If they can, why not me? 
        G         C   D   Em 
    If they can, why not me?