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Oblivion Bridge
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

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    D         C             C           D
On Oblivion Bridge all our grudges and fears
        D          C              Em         D
All our anger and grief, all our pain, disappears
        G           D           D         C
But in tax for the crossing, it also destroys
     C              D             Am            D    Am D Am D
Our prides and our triumphs, our loves and our joys.

       D        G                G              D    D4 D
   On Oblivion Bridge, where no shame ventures near,
       F           C            C            G    G6  G
   No guilt, no resentment, no hate, and no fear, --
         C            F            Bb          G     G4 G
   I'll rest from my labors, I'll lay down my load --
         C      G              F          C     F C G G
   On Oblivion Bridge, at the end of the road.

It's as if we were born in the mountains so still
But gravity pulls us forever downhill.
Our lives, like the rain, must run down from the ridge,
Walking the road to Oblivion Bridge.

Some have turned back on the edge of release,
Waking with stories of union and peace
On Oblivion Bridge where the mind cannot bring
Its sense of itself as a separate thing.

Distant, a credible future I see,
When my death, like my bed, is a kindness to me
When I long for the rest that's as selfless and deep
As I know in the best dreamless hours of sleep.

Rejoicing in life, though I know I must die
My limited hours more precious thereby;
As I walk to the bridge, still the secret I'll tell
Work hard and play kindly; love deeply and well!