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Oak And Ash
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2011

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 Dm             C         Dm
Oak and ash to brace and bind,
 Dm                 Gm
Rowan and thorn to ward and wind,
Dm      Am       Gm       Am
On the burden I had from you,
   Gm       Dm              C       Am
A key that knows what it's meant to do,
 Dm                  C      Dm
Rose and bramble are intertwined.

Oak and ash to hold the field,
Rowan and thorn to shape and shield,
To catch your killer would mean a fight
There's a reason you bound a knight.
I may lose, but I never yield.

Oak and ash to front the fray
Rowan and thorn to mark the way.
Just how long is your curse's chain?
Who am I, to hold domain,
A liege to shelter the least of Fae?

Oak and ash and bone and dust,
Rowan and thorn and faith and trust
Before your eyes were closed for good,
I never knew you understood--
The one who can is the one who must.