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lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

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        Dm                C                     Dm   F Am
If you think men own the planet, buddy, think again;
  Dm                        C               Dm   F Am
This is your reminder that women outnumber men.
     Dm                C             F       Am
The nation's face is female, it is quickly seen
    Dm            Gm           Bb        Am
We may not be the average—but we're the mean!  
 Dm              Gm              Bb       Am
Pointing out the obvious should cause no wrath;
     Dm           C           Am    Dm     F Am
It's only simple honesty and basic math!

People write and talk as if most of us were male
But more of us are women- yo! Observation fail!
Wake up and smell the coffee, just a fool ignores
A majority who's tired of the thankless chores.
We don't need to explain or to apologize;
Humanity beholds the world through women's eyes!

Women are mainstream; women are where it's at.
And lots of us are special too, but not because of that.
If you plan to walk in public, then you've got no choice
You might as well get used to a soprano voice.
We haven't any call to hide behind the scenes
We're the new normal; that's what normal means!

We're over half the population and so it seems to me,
It's a strange imagination makes us a minority.
We'll just be taking over, in the normal biz;
We're not a special interest; we're the way it is!
If people holding power want to scream and shout,
I say we knock them over and we toss them out!