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Neil Armstrong (Wink At The Moon)
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

mp3 and pdf sheet music

     Dm             Bb          C         Dm
Neil Armstrong, professor, and flight engineer,
    Dm          F          Am      
And astronaut, daring the void
     Dm       C           F           C
But pilot in bold on the list must appear
         Dm          C         Dm
For the air was the home he enjoyed
   Bb                     F          C 
A child in the clan of a government man
         Dm            C           F   Am
Took to flight like a bird to the air
          F               Gm         F          C 
He could fly through the chaff on a wing and a half
    Dm       C         Dm
Without any need of a prayer.

           Gm                    Dm
   On the scale of the sky even species must die
           Gm                   Dm
   For mortality's all that is sure.
        Gm                        F 
   Generations have gazed up the path that he blazed
              Bb                     Dm
   Where his footprints beyond us endure.

Stark in the path of descent they were seen;
The boulders lay jagged and cruel.
He landed on manual, all systems green
With just a few seconds spare fuel.
In a trip that compiles a half-million miles
Humanity's colors were shown,
In a time when the whole NASA mission control
Sported less CPU than your phone.

What it is to set foot on a world not our own
And look out at our planet below
There are only a handful of people who've known
Will the last living memories go?
So wink at the moon, in the hope someday soon
We'll return to the trail of the bold;
And we'll travel unfazed on the path that he blazed
And leave new footprints next to the old!

The folk who fly out where the meteors go
As Neil would be first to remind
Us, are raised on the shoulders of thousands below
And their manifold efforts entwined.
But whatever may last of the bones of the past,
Humanity's children can say
In the dust that is strewn lies our mark on the moon
When the oceans have boiled away