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Look For The Helpers
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2013

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Look For The Helpers
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2013

In times of destruction, some people appear
With wild-ass guesses that only seed fear
But I hear a wiser man comfort my dread
Recalling the words that his mother once said.

   Look for the helpers; they're closing in fast
   Brave hearts leap to the site of the blast
   When scary things happen, they rush to give care;
   Look for the helpers--they'll always be there.

I honor the helpers, in all their degrees
The police and the firefighters, brave EMTs
And regular people recall their first aid,
Treat shock, and hold pressure, and calm the afraid.

Runners behind, who like heroes begin
To push themselves harder, so others can win,
'Cause, finding their marathon nipped in the bud,
They ran to the hospital, there to give blood.

Facebook and Twitter and Google and Yelp
Were flooded with people who wanted to help
They joined in a way that no terror divides,
Offering guest rooms and couches and rides.

By dozens, by hundreds, they come and they go
Aiding the wounded and tracking the foe;
Some do harm, but when the counting is done
The helpers outnumber them thousands to one