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It's Okay To Be Takei
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2011

mp3 and pdf sheet music
Note "Takei" is pronounced "ta-KAY"

      G                    D          G
Some boys love boys, some girls love girls
      C                  G
It's simply how they're made
      G              D         G
They too are normal kids, who shouldn't
 C           D
Have to be afraid

	It's okay to be Takei
	      C                  D  D4      
	Some folks are just that way
	     C                D
	It's always right to say
	      C      D     G
	It's okay to be Takei

We all have things in common
We're none of us the same
Our differences and samenesses 
Were never cause for shame

The way your heart is structured
Is something you can't choose
But keep this knowledge with you
Like a light of many hues.

The wide green earth beneath you,
The open sky above--
Of all the things life offers,
The best was always love