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Iron Poisoning
lyrics and melody by Catherine Faber 2014

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    Dm                C                F           Am
We elves have always known the mortal humans were fools
    Dm              C             F           Am 
Who use the poison metal to make weapons and tools,
       F                   C              F           Am
But I fear they have been changing, been discovering and
        Dm                   Gm               F          Dm
If you check I think you'll find it's gotten way out of hand

             Dm                    C
   In their very bodies, in their blood that flows
             Dm        F   Dm     F    C
   They are part cold Iron everybody knows
             Dm             F               Dm         C
   They are strong—they're standing, but behind their eyes
                    Dm        Gm               F         Dm
   Their minds are warped in ways they simply cannot disguise

Humans have this custom; several times in a year
They group in special colors to lament or to cheer.
You'd think a war was over, to their triumph or shame
But when you ask what happened it was only a game!

They have scholars who have labored that the past may be known
By the tiniest of traces left in flesh and in stone
Yet half of them ignore the light of knowledge that dawns
Cause it doesn't match the fantasies of wielders of bronze.

They've domesticated lightning, brought it up to the brink
Where it forces rock to reason, if not really to think.
It runs a magic mirror, but--it's crazy to tell--
They just sit around it laughing at the cats who can't spell!

Are these the kind of people who, when everything's done
Are fit to wield the fire of the heart of a sun?
Their power is the problem; if we think we can win
Then really for their own good, it may be time to step in.