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I Am Like You
lyrics and melody by Catherine Faber 2012

mp3(a-capella) and pdf sheet music

              D                     A
     We are alike, in strength and need;
          G                 D                  G               A
     The tears we shed are salt; if something cuts us we both bleed.
                    D                 A
     Our lives are dear, and all too brief,
         G                  D             D         A      G
     We both reach out for happiness; we both must suffer grief.
        A            D                A
     I am like you, you are like me
                G              D                           A
     With our spirits held in common, in our shared humanity.
                    D                A
     We can choose love, instead of strife,
          G               D              G    A        G
     And work to bring together what we value in this life;
  A             D
     I am like you.

     We can give pain; we can give mirth
     We can give comfort, love and knowledge, as a measure of our worth.
     We live our lives, and take our shot:
     Let's make this life the best we can, in case it's all we've got.

     The world is wide, the sky is old--
     Fairness, freedom, care, these fragile values I will hold
     Our mayfly lives can heal or kill;
     Our choices here define us as a force for good or ill.