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Hydrogen Burns
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

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     Am                     Dm
Put out that cigar! What a fool thing to do!
          Am                        E
That's a hell of a note your first day on the crew...
Am                       G        F
Every man Jack and girl Jennifer learns
Am           F               C        Am
Airship! No smoking! 'Cause hydrogen burns!

    Am                         Dm
   Hydrogen burns; that's the cause for the codes
           Am        F            Am         G
   And in proper proportion with air, it explodes.
        Am                          Dm
   You won't get two warnings; let this one sink in,
       Am                           G            Am
   Be thankful you leave with your guts in your skin!

Your uniform's not what you'd wear on the ground
You'll notice the buckles in leather are bound;
The buttons are wooden. It's not for a lark,
But all to make certain you don't strike a spark.

I know what you're thinking—each town has a few:
The rules that bind others don't matter for you.
Now I'm sympathetic.  No really, I am,
But your mates and the hydrogen don't give a damn.

Some fly and some smoke, though it's bad for the heart,
But those who do both damn well keep them apart.
Crew members might—and I'll see that they do--
Take carelessness personal, coming from you.