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Honey, Sugar, Cream And Salt
lyrics and melody by Catherine Faber 2014

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    F                   Bb        F
   Honey and sugar and cream and salt
      F             C            Bb      C
   A quick rule of thumb, and a good default
    F           C            Bb         C
   This is the measure some teachers exalt
   F              C                     F
   Three parts encouragement, one part fault.

     F           Gm         F       C
The work that a student designs or draws
      Bb       F           C
Will tend to a mixture of strengths and flaws
 F          C          Bb  C
Teachers remember the recipe:
   F                    Gm          F
A bit of correction, a scoop of applause.

Pull out the weeds you don't want to reap
Quickly, before they can root too deep,
But also call out in the same degree
The strengths future efforts to do well to keep.

Beginning with kindness throughout our day
Might help others hear what we have to say,
So here is a thought that occurred to me:
What if our politics worked this way?