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Her Name
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

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   D                       G       D       D  A  G  D
I met a fair willow, with autumn ablaze;
     D                            G        D          D  A  G  A
Her fronds in the wind seemed to murmur a phrase....
   A            A7        D         A
Beside a still pool at a bend in a stream,
 A        Em       C           F       D  A  G  D  G  D  A  D
Music as shy as a tune from a dream--

I met a fair willow, and slowly I learned,
As drawn by her music I ever returned.
Friends we became, each discovering each.
In time I deciphered the songs of her speech--

I found in the end, though the music was good
I can't be content in the bounds of a wood.
I bade her goodby, went my fortune to find
Though often her name seemed to ring in my mind--

Returning with tales I was certain would please,
The hour I beheld her I fell to my knees,
For lightning had left her all blasted and torn
Charred to her roots, with her foliage shorn--

I honored her memory the best that I could
And fashioned a sweet mandolin from her wood
And knew I'd done right when to sleep having lain,
I woke in the darkness to hear this refrain--

In spring's flower-breezes and autumn's first chill
We travel together wherever we will.
We follow our road as it wanders and bends,
Singing our songs in a circle of friends--

Humor me once, though my story was long
Let us blend voices as comrades in song
This is my partner, who circle-ward came.
Kindly allow her to tell you her name--