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Happy Holidays
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2011

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        G              D            C             D
In the nights of long darkness, we face winter's starkness
    G      D            D              G
And many among us will reach for good cheer
    G                       F              
Whatever the candidate, we find things to celebrate
        C              G           D           G
In the dark days that come at the turn of the year.

        G               D                  C                   G
        Hap-------------py------------    Hol-------------i----days----
Bright Solstice, Happy Hannukah, Good St. Nic'laus Day, Joyous Kwanzaa

G       D            C           D    G
Hap-----py---------  Hol---------i---days
Io Saturnalia, Merry Christmas, Good Yule!

May fortune befriend you, good wishes attend you
Whichever such customs have answered your search.
In this season of kindness, may all our hearts find us
Good will that extends past the walls of the church.

In saying “Happy Holidays” we all in our different ways
Present our good wishes for your special day.
In the spirit of the season, good will and  sweet reason,
Receiving a flower, we give a bouquet.