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Gift Enough
lyrics and melody by Catherine Faber 2014

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C      F          G          C
As the snow makes all things holy,
C                               G
Hushed and softened, draped in white,
C       F         G      
Here my heart is lifted slowly
C      F      G       C
By the beauty of the night.

As forgiveness, hurt redressing
Soothes a hundred bitter scars 
Coming as an unsought blessing,
Like a thousand falling stars

Am       Dm       G       C
All the world the snow is holding
C        Em            Dm
Turning every twig to lace.
Am       Dm        G7     Bmdim
Silence guides, in slow unfolding,
Am      Dm        G       F
All my heart can know of grace...

One brief life is all we're given,
Treasure I will not rebuff.   
Lying under snow new-shriven,
One real world is gift enough.