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Fluster A Duck
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2013

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    Dm        F         C        Dm
In getting a song or an album to go
      F                               C
It's tricky to get all my ducks in a row
      Bb            F         C        Am
When parts have to mesh to a single design
      C                       F           C
Some ducks may be laggard in joining the line
    Dm           F            C           Dm
We all have our shibboleths, this one is mine.

        F                        C         
   The Muse can be fickle; it's not in the mood
        Dm                       A
   The flock's feeling lazy and has to be shooed
         F                        C      
   It's time to get moving; I'll make my own luck
      F            Am            C         Dm
   I rarely break eggs but I'll fluster a duck.

Half of the songs I will need to complete
Are carried complainingly back by their feet
They croak and they quack and they fume and they frown
They flap and they flutter and claim they will drown
My passage is littered with feathers and down.

Pursuing a song, as it flutters and feints
And tackled, gives voice to some hearty complaints,
I try to remember, however they fight,
Though smoothing their feathers may take me all night,
The last time I did this it came out alright.

The last time I did this it all came out fine
They walked to the pond in an orderly line
And if they weren't minded to stick to the route,
I try to remember, when tempted to doubt,
That everyone mentioned how well it came out.