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Filk Reverie
lyrics and melody by Catherine Faber 2014

mp3 and pdf sheet music

 F           C          Bb           F
Cats and computers and dragons and spaceships
 Gm          F                 C
Planets and nebulae, over the sea
 F           Gm          Dm           Am
Clockwork assassins and airships and lightships,
 Bb          C          Gm        F
This is the stuff of a filk reverie.

    F    C        Bb        F
   Come see--- a filk reverie.
    Dm   Gm       C         F
   Come see--- a filk reverie

Maybe a cat kept a clockwork assassin
Ruined by rust when it fell in the sea.
Maybe a dragon then tried to unfasten
Its innards to fix a computer or three.

Maybe bold nebulae, darkness adorning
Hid the far planets, whose stars are like gems. 
Spaceships have crashed; of their wrecks to give warning
A lightship was moored at the mouth of the Thames.

Perhaps the first airship was made by a dragon
Heating the air in the bag with her flame
Her cat and computer along to be bagging
A nebula's light in her telescope's aim.

This is the stuff of a filker's obsessions 
Juxtapositions fantastic or flawed
Born of our hobbies, vocations, professions,
It's surely no wonder our songs are so odd.