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Enlightenment's Child
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

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         Dm        F           C             Dm
    The treasure alike of the bold, and the risk-averse 
     Am            C          F         Dm
    Science tells wonders, exceeded by none.
    Dm          F           C            Dm 
    I love the vastness of time, and the universe; 
     Am                  F           Dm    (F   Gm   Am   Dm)
    Fantasy's lovely; I play it for fun.
          F        Am7        Bb              F
       Humanity's spirit our times have seen heighten 
              Gm           G            Dm         C
       Meant fairness, compassion, and freedom avowed. 
       F       Am           Gm       F
       I am a Child of the Age of Enlightenment, 
        Bb       Am          C         F         (Bb Am C  F)
       Curious, passionate, joyful and proud! 
    Our reason's imperfect, but fair in its storage 
    In logical thought old responses enmesh, 
    Due to our spirit's odd manner of origin, 
    Rising in stages from animal flesh. 
    All of our senses are partly conceptions, 
    Models constructed by part of the brain. 
    Enjoy your imaginings; test your perceptions; 
    The truth is a grail we can hope to attain. 
    Fantasy's fun to observe and to reckon, 
    To pounce on and stalk like a plume from a hat, 
    But geniune mysteries kindle and beckon, 
    As secretive scrabblings summon a cat. 
    Fie to the folks who may cry it as treason 
    Enlightenment's child, I will try to be fair, 
    But I trust observation and logic and reason: 
    Facts on the ground trumping castles in air.