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Drying Line
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

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     D                                       G
The flowers are blooming and the weather is fine;
     D      G   D                     A
I'm hanging my laundry on the drying line.
    D                              G
It gets me out before the day has run
    D                          A       D
To spend a few minutes in the morning sun.

   I don't have to pay the power company
        D                                      A
   For something the sun would like to do for free
              D                         G
   There's a robin singing like a clarinet
           D                G              A       D
   If the wind would do my washing I'd be totally set.

I hear a solar oven isn't hard to do.
The sun can bake potatoes and can simmer stew.
I went and googled for a good design;
I'm just getting started with my drying line.

There are solar heaters now you can install,
That will heat your water, as I do recall;
It cuts your power bill and there's no doubt
It will still be working when the power goes out!

Maybe someday, if it's in the cards,
I'll have solar panels and the whole nine yards,
But while I'm saving till I have enough,
I'll just get started on the easy stuff.