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The Driver's Lament
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

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   Am         C       G        Am
   Everybody here is scary but me
    Am               C           Dm      Am
   Look at how they drive; it's easy to see
         Am              Dm
   It's bad when people notice you
      Am                            G     Am
   I guess I better drive like I'm scary too.

 Am               C        G         Am
Several thousand pounds of iron and steel,
 Am              C         Dm           Am
Starting with a roar, cut short with a squeal.
 Am                      Dm
Creeping up my tailpipe while it rains;
 Am                         G       E
Swerving in a blink across several--oh that's scary!

I only wish I dared to cover my eyes
I know that in the long run everyone dies
But really there's no hurry there
Easy on the moments that make me--oh that's scary

I left the windows down on an autumn day
And suddenly could hear what the drivers say
As we dodged a reckless truck 
I heard another driver say mother--oh that's scary!