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Dragon Games
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2014

mp3 and pdf sheet music *note that mp3 is out of date; I am planning to record a new one

 G                  G            C               C
We've all heard in days of old, dragons hoarded gems and gold
 D                D                  C               G
Knights in armor came to scold, but never quite got rid.
     G              G                 C               C
But when revolvers made it big, they had to drop the dragon gig
     D            D                  C              G
And find another game to rig, and I know what they did

   Em            Em            Bm7            Bm7
  Graven in the dragon brain, principles and rules arcane,
   Em                Em             A                  D 
  Loans and interest do constrain, futures, rates and rents.
   G                   G               C                 C
  They're the taloned hand that pulls strings of market bears and bulls
   D                 D         C                 G
  They're financial naturals--doesn't that make sense?

The strategies the dragons use never make it to the news 
That's why humans sometimes lose, playing dragon games
The pawn that cannot see the board, drastic moves can ill afford
Caution isn't untoward, with our financial claims.

   Someone may be watching us, hidden in the cumulus,
   Robbing banks is dangerous, and obviously so.
   Never touch a dragon's hoard, except when you are growing bored
   With living, for with one accord, dragons always know