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Come Flying With Me
Cat Faber 2012

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      C           G               F        C
Come fly with me dear--there's a sky hereabout
      F            C                        G
And I do have the kinks pretty much ironed out
         F              C                         G
And the world looks so lovely, from high on this perch
            F            C                F            G
But you'll want to hold tight, 'cause it does tend to lurch
     Am           G             Dm            G
She does tend to bounce a bit; sometimes she swerves--
      F         C                              G
It's perfectly safe, though--it's nothing but nerves.
        F             C                    F
She'll soon hold her course on a calmer accord;
       F         C        G           C
She's just so excited to have you on board.

            C         Dm          C           F       C G
   There's more to become than I knew I could be
          C            F             C           G
   And I still need a partner--come flying with me
      C            F             G          C
   I still need a partner--come flying with me!

Come fly with me dear--there's a world to explore
A thousand horizons, and always one more
An airship is perfect the world to bestride
And seek out the knowledge the distances hide
There are people and creatures we've yet to behold
Our own distant kin from the journeys of old
Cities unseen where the distant land bends
Maybe this time we can meet them as friends.

Come fly with me dear--there's a land to defend
With a foe fully equal or more to contend
Now an airship is fragile, what's light can't be strong
Her lift, and her engines--so much can go wrong.
Her crew's just as fragile it's easy to see
But I won't let my baby face war without me.
Those instant decisions, in battle hard-pressed,
Should be made by the person who knows her the best
Come fly with me dear--there are stars past it all
And tomorrow you leave us to answer their call.
Your parents will miss you, you know it is true
But your triumph is all we have wanted for you,
And though we are failing and too old to go,
You'll carry our engrams, will all that we know.
The technology's chancy, so check it each night--
If it gives you our love, then it's still working right!