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Climbing The Mountain
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2013

mp3 and pdf sheet music (note the sheet music is an approximation; I still haven't been able to pick a time signature)

Once Upon A Time, folks hated Jews, as history tells
And spread their hate with ugly lies, that Jews ate babes and poisoned wells
They feature now as villains still, in phantoms of conspiracy
That doesn't mean they always will--we can grow better by degree

   We've come so far, don't falter yet--
   There is more mountain left to climb
   Justice is our common debt,
   But as we struggle and we sweat, 
   Remember, Once Upon A Time.

Once Upon A Time black people suffered life as slaves
Whites said they weren't really men, but lazy thieves, and savage knaves
To purge the nation of that crime, we came apart in Civil War
Descendants of that cruel time, still seek fair treatment on this shore

Once Upon A Time were women chattel one might note
Who couldn't read or hold a job, or own our property, or vote
And by those folk who wish us ill, with threats of violence we're checked;
We've won the vote but struggle still for equal wages and respect.

Once Upon A Time, gays suffered death if they were caught
Their crime was that they dared to love, with every glance with danger fraught.
But we've made progress on our hates, and those who would their love fulfill
Can marry now in fourteen states.  We can do better--and we will.

Once Upon A Time, the shadows sheltered not a few
The trans, the atheist, the witch, more people than we ever knew.
I am an atheist, and so, it's easy to conceal and cope
My very neighbors do not know, but I look back, and live in hope.