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 C        G         C         G
Nyad and Dryad are drifting awake
 C      G             C            G
Lazily lifting their heads by the lake
 Am         G             Dm          G
Watching a step-daughter curtsey and pass
 C          Am         C         G
Wood's celebration of cedar and glass.

          C             G         Am            G
   We're shaped by old forces no eye can still see
        C          G          Am          G 
   As shading the sapling is shaping the tree
        F            C             F              G
   The mold is long gone, yet its lines still preserve
      F            C           Dm          G
   A sense of the true that informs every curve.

The strength of the heartwood, the sapling's lithe grace,
Bending and twisting to slip into place
Sawdust like pollen, perfume in each grain;
Curls fall like petals from spokeshave and plane.

Stained by my blood and the salt of my tears
Dance on the water and laugh at my fears.
I wish you safe journey, by white ashwood finned,
Light as a leaf on a fortunate wind.
          G4        C
----On a fortunate wind.