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Bed Of Moss
Lyrics and melody by Catherine Faber 2014

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          Am                    G      
   Oh the moss is soft and the moss is deep
           Am                          G
   And the moss grows thick where the rocks rise steep
    Am            G          
   Many a mother mourns her loss
           Am       C          F      Am
   As the soldiers sleep in a bed of moss.

     Am         G            Dm         G
The moss grows lush and the moss grows well
         F        C                   G
Where a thousand warriors fought and fell
      Am       Dm          F        G
They came for glory; they raised a cheer--
          Am         C      G     Am
And they left their bodies lying here.

Am     G        Dm         C
Silent lie the fields of war,
     F          Em       C        G
And few recall what has passed before,
           Am         G          F          G
Where the moss grows green over skulls and bones--
           Am       C             G          Am
Till they can't be told from the sticks and stones.

           Am       G             Dm         C
Where the trumpets blare and the fife sings out
           F        Em            C         G
Where the marshals strut and the preachers shout
          Am           G              F       G
Were the cross shines bright and the banners show--
          Am        C         G    Am
See? the moss lies green and soft below.