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Axial Tilt
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2011

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       F                       C
Earth spins on its axis; that makes day and night
        Bb                      C
But its axis of rotation isn't fully upright,
      F                           Gm
When looked at in relation to our orbital plane.
         F             C                           Dm
So each hemisphere in turn's receiving more solar gain. 

   Dm                 Gm             Dm
   Axial tilt! is the reason for the season
   Dm                  C         Am
   Axial tilt! is the factor in play
   Dm                            Gm
   Summer will run, while we're turned to the sun,
       F      Dm       F     Dm       F        Dm
   And winter when our hemisphere is pointed away.

As our axial tilt, puts the sun at its height,
We get more sunbeams per acre, and more hours of light.
And as our orbit swings 'round the other side of the sun,
The angled light is weaker and the day sooner done.

We can't see the tilt that makes the seasons go by
Except by the migration of the sun in the sky.
Toward the horizon, winter shifted its track 
And the ancients threw a party when it turned to come back.

And just like the ancients from whom we descend
We're glad to be reminded that the winter will end;
Taking our customs from pagans of old,
We celebrate a holiday defying the cold!