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Atheist's Anthem
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2011

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      D                    G
Some call it despair or accuse me of pride
       F          G            C            D
In perceiving no purpose laid down from outside
     D                          G          C
The world that I see calls for hope and resolve,
         D         C            D          C           D
Full of good to rejoice in, and evils and problems to solve.

          D                  G            D
   There isn't a Ringmaster―life's not a toy.
                D        C                     D
   But there's surely a pageant of wonder and joy.
      D            C              G             D
   I bring what I hope for, when push comes to shove:
    D            C           D           C            D
   Truth and compassion and justice and laughter and love.

Look up, or look down, to the heavens aglow--
So vast even photons seem lazy and slow.
From the dust of beginnings comes all that we are,
Atoms first forged in the death of the heart of a star.

Born of an urge that's not easily stilled,
Ravens are tool-users, bowerbirds build.
As our engineering grows tiny or great,
What will we build or become, in our drive to create?

For wrongs to be righted, for evil to fall
The hands will be ours, if it happens at all.
By our eyes and our minds is the universe known;
If you want purpose, then pick one and make it your own!