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Art Feeds Life
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2011

mp3 and pdf sheet music

Dm                  C          Dm
Art feeds life and life feeds art
    Bb                       Am             
And art feeds life, but you know you need
 Dm       C         Gm4         Gm
Guts and brains to follow your heart
Dm        C        F        Am
Into the life you dared to start
         Dm                    C        Dm
And the dreams that sometimes make you bleed.

So you pay the price assessed
Burn bright, beating back dark of death
Still you feel in your secret chest
There are times that you wish for rest
More than water or food or breath.

You're glad you made the crossroad deal.
You swore to go to any length,
And all your friends who wish you weal,
Straighten spines of silver and steel;
Tap their spirits to will you strength

Strongly though you wish to stay,
The story calls you down the road;
You know you can't go on this way.
Still you think for one more day,
If you stand up straight you can bear the load.

(Repeat first verse, last line as)
         Dm                    C
And the dreams that sometimes make you,
                           C                  Dm 
                     they sometimes make you bleed.