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All YouR SoNgZ R BeLonG 2 US!
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2011

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    Dm                 C         Am
We welcome you--and we love your song
          Dm  Am  Dm       Gm    Am
And we'll try our best to sing along
Bb     Am     Dm
Music lingers in this place
           Am                      Dm
'Cause it can't escape from our embrace!
          Dm                            Gm
We'll preserve this song, that brought down the house
        Dm      Am      Bb        C
With recorder, voices, keyboard, mouse--
          Dm            Gm
With the subtlety of a blunderbuss
Am                           Dm
All your songs are belong to us!

We must learn this song, cause we love it--yup!
Why it's just so cute, we could eat it up!
We'll perform this song--we'll arrange it too--
For ukelele and kazoo!

	We'll arrange this song...

And you'll find next week that the lyrics bent
And no longer say what you thought they meant
You'd stop us treating your song so rough
If you could just stop laughing long enough!

	We'll pervert this song...

You'll find pieces scattered, west to east
Like grisly bones from a cannibal feast
As tune--or words--we cheerfully steal
And drop the rest like an orange peel!

	We will peel this song...

	We will filk this song...