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All Things Pass
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

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     Dm D9 Dm        Am     Dm  
    Winter snow and summer sunshine;  
     Dm              F  
    Green to golden fading grass  
     Dm     F        C     Dm  
    Autumn leaf and April flower  
     Bb        Dm   Am          Dm  
    Seize the hour; all things pass
        Dm              C  
       It's a truth as clear as crystal  
        Dm             Bb     Dm  
       And as hard as broken glass;  
        Dm                Gm         Dm  
       In this life the things you favor,  
        F          Dm      Am         Dm  
       You should savor.  All things pass 
    All of us will drink of suffering;  
    Heart and body fill that glass.  
    Grief may burn you like an ember  
    But remember; all things pass. 
    And the stars that seem eternal  
    As they burn consume their mass  
    Though the darkness they're defying  
    They are dying. All things pass 
    Take the joy that living hands you  
    Raise a toast and drain your glass.  
    Notice life's inspired invention  
    Pay attention.  All things pass.