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Alice Day
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

mp3 and pdf sheet music

 Em                    D
From its cocoon a new song is cajoled
     G        C             G          D
The listener warms it, its wings to unfold
   Em                      D
Beginning bedraggled, yet flourish it may
     G          D       B      Em
The sky is the limit on Alice Day.

Come, but remember that music so new
May still have a fair bit of growing to do,
The lyrics may change or the tune go astray,
That's just how it happens on Alice Day.

Lyrics as fresh as a lyric can be
You're first in the hearing, well, first after me.
Sometimes the music I barely can play
You won't get perfection on Alice Day.

Here's where the music is squirreled away
Wildflowers grow in a ragged bouquet
Wonder emerges from fingers of clay
Into the morning of Alice Day.