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Aeslin Mice
lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2012

mp3 and pdf sheet music

    Dm                 C      Dm
   Talking rodents in tribal dress, 
     Dm                                    C
    Glad to quit the wonders of the wilderness, 
        F              C7                    Am
    Converted, and converting, with love and wit 
     F      C7         C    Dm
    Family history to Holy Writ 
        Dm                           C
       Mark their rituals, but my advice 
        F          C7             C      Dm
       Don't give matches to the Aeslin mice! 
    Food For Privacy: the first swap made; 
    The Oldest Ritual, the Sacred Trade, 
    Curious ever, but make no mistake; 
    They're always ready for cheese and cake. 
    They've never seen the old events for which 
    Their festive cheering reaches fever pitch, 
    But they keep our history in tale and song; 
    The colony's memory is very long. 
    Food and worship is their whole desire, 
    Singing praises in a tiny choir, 
    Held in harmony, sweet and shrill 
    Too mad to manage and to cute to kill. 
    Every Price is given this much free, 
    Our peculiar immortality 
    In the memories the mice rehearse 
    We live forever, though we're dead, or worse.