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I Promised Eli

This is my livingroom carpet album, recorded in late 2006 and early 2007. I made a bet with Eli on something and I promised to record him all the songs I'd written recently if I lost. I did in fact lose, and kept my promise. I will note that this promise was complicated considerably when I was invited to be a Guest of Honor at Capricon 2007. Somehow the thought of a concert caused me to write a bunch of new songs. Short term troubles, long term gains--I'm grateful to Capricon and to Eli, because otherwise most of these songs would never have seen the light of day.

All I had at the time was a little mp3 recorder I used for cons, with no way to make multiple passes with separate instruments and vocals so these are the best I could do with the skills and equipment I had but they're not as good as my current Alice Day recordings and they're definitely not as good as the stuff on _The King's Lute_.

I Promised Eli mp3s:

I Promised Eli Songbook (sheet music and lyrics in pdf format)